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Our classes and workshops are for everyone from beginners to experienced artists, hobbyists to professionals, young and experienced!  Read what the Kosart Students, Kosart Alumni, and Industry Professionals are saying about our classes and workshops:

Kacy Tatus

Kosart Alumnus, Freelance Make-Up FX Artist 
Make-Up Artist at the Lyric Opera of Chicago

"Taking courses at Kosart truly helped me to take makeup to the next level.  When I started I was only doing makeup as a hobby while working a full time job. Fast forward 2 years later I quit my job and am working solely as a freelance makeup artist. Kosart gave me skills that I could use to work with many different types of makeup. One of my favorite courses in particular taught me to sculpt. This was something in the past I hadn’t really worked with, but I discovered sculpting made it easier for me to get ideas out and I still utilize this to create new concepts. To be blunt Kosart really changed my life. Until I started driving from Michigan to go to these classes I thought I would stay in my 9-5 mortgage job forever. However going to the classes and receiving the support from the teachers and students it really opened my eyes to the possibilities. I moved to Chicago and started working as a makeup artist for photoshoots, films, commercials and my first union job at The Lyric Opera. I really think my life would be a lot different if I hadn’t taken these classes, but looking back it was the best decision. I recommend Kosart not only for the quality of learning, but the family that is built around it."

Alma Izquierdo

Make-Up Department Head: Chicago PD
Pro MUA: Man of Steel, Divergent, Public Enemies

"Anthony and his team at Kosart Studios has been an integral part in the success of the Chicago PD Makeup Dept.  His creativity, attention to detail and range of talents are quite honestly the best in the city.  Producers, directors, actors, and crew members alike have all agreed on how incredibly realistic his SFX makeup has been. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to learn from such a skilled artist."

Bradley Matthys

President: IATSE Studio Mechanics Local 476 Chicago
Key Grip: Chicago Fire, Shameless, The Amityville Horror

"Anthony as distinguished himself as one of the finest Special F/X Makeup Artists in the Motion Picture and Television Industry.  His creativity and expertise as an artist seems unlimited.  To have Anthony join our Union's talented crew of F/X Artists has proven to be an incredible asset to our Local.

"Additionally, Anthony is an excellent Instructor of his craft.  He gives freely and passionately as he passes on to our members and others, the incredibly specialized nature of his skill.  We look forward to having more of our members attending classes at Kosart School to take advantage of Anthony's gift to teach.  Kosart is a great addition to the burgeoning infrastructure to our State that has helped to create a Film Industry that continues to explode into make Chicago a top filming location.

"Local 476 is comprised of technicians who perform over 30 of the on set skills that are required on a production.  Motion Pictures require craftspeople not only with the technical skill for the position, but with an intense passion for their art.  This describes Anthony Kosar to the letter. He has reached a level of success in our industry that normally takes many years to achieve.  We are proud to have Anthony, the Artist and the Teacher, at the forefront of our Art Department."

Dr. Justin Fears

Kosart Alumnus, Phobius Haunt Owner & MUFX Artist
CEO: Fearsome Entertainment; Principal: Alpha Academy

"When I started doing special FX makeup I had very little practical knowledge.  I watched YouTube videos and read books but nothing gave me the hands-on instruction I was looking for.  I was a huge fan of the television show Face Off and tried to glean as much insight as I could from those shows but was still lacking the direction I needed.  When I got the opportunity to meet some of the season contestants at a trade show, I was in awe and admiration of their talents and willingness to share.  One of those individual was J. Anthony Kosar!  He took the time to have a conversation with me and I explained my situation to him.  He informed me that he had a FX school in Chicago where he could help me refine (develop) my skills.  I signed up and took as many courses as I could.  The instruction was outstanding and I learned more than I could have ever imagined!  The classes I took through Kosart has made all the difference in my FX career!  The courses I took laid the groundwork for success and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue this amazing craft.  I'm so appreciative of the opportunity to have trained under such awesome individuals (and talented too)!  Anthony and his crew continue to raise the bar and anyone looking to begin, refine, or master the art of special FX would do well to visit Kosart!!!"   

Kosart Alumnus, FACE OFF Season 7 Champion
Cake Decorator, Special FX Artist : Chicago MED

Dina Cimarusti

"I first stumbled upon Kosart classes when I was walking around C2E2. I had been decorating cakes for about 10 years, but was looking for new ways to express myself as an artist.  The Kosart booth had a bunch of masks on display that really grabbed my attention. I had never tried anything like that before, and was really excited to sign up for classes and try something new! The first class I took was Art of Mask Making. It was my first time sculpting clay along with others in the class. I loved the feeling of being in class again. It was a great way to learn new things without having to quit my job and go to a full time school. A girl has to pay her bills! The class was everything I wanted it to be…Informative, fun and in a non-intimidating environment. I was never embarrassed to ask questions, and you just feel a lot of support from both the teacher and students. I felt more inspired than I ever have before! I couldn't wait to sign up for more classes. I ended up taking Advanced Mask Making, On-Skin Silicone, Art of Make-up FX, Advanced Makeup and Airbrush FX.  I can't believe how much I learned in these classes that were just a few days long! . . . 

"I was finally excited about creating art again. I think I really found out who I am as an artist through the classes. When I wasn't in class, I was at home sculpting new things. I wanted to get better and find out if this was in fact my calling. I think Anthony noticed how much I fell in love with SFX, and ended up convincing me to be on Face Off. Two years ago I had never even sculpted clay. One year ago I did my first makeup in class. Now I sit here as the new Face Off Champ, and I definitely owe Kosart Atelier a giant thank you. They taught me everything I needed to know to help me get through the competition, and gave me the confidence I needed to get me there in the first place. I never would have considered doing the show without Anthony giving me that push.  Kosart Atelier made me realize what I want to do with my life, and I can't thank them enough. Even if you're not looking to make SFX your career, the classes are such a great way to just get away from normal life for a second and create something you're proud of. Great company, good tunes and freaking monsters! You can't beat that."

Deborah Dee

Kosart Alumnus, Make-Up Dept Head: Chicago Fire
Pro MUA: Dark Knight, Public Enemies, Nightmare on Elm St

"It matters not if you are a new professional makeup artist or a seasoned professional, we all have an obligation to learn and move forward. Anthony’s studios provide an environment in which to do that in any number of areas."

Jennifer Bowden

Kosart Alumnus, FACE OFF Season 10 Contestant
Cosplayer, Costumer, & Prop Sculptor

"Kosart is an amazing place to learn SFX skills.  Before taking classes I was basically stumbling my way through sculpting, molding, and painting.  I learned what I could from the internet and various videos found within.  Then I started taking classes at Kosart and let me tell you, Anthony is way better than the internet.  It's true.  Anthony and his team of instructors have an amazing wealth of knowledge and expertise. They are always ready to answer questions and help you whenever you need it.  With so many different classes available you can learn and improve on a variety of skills.  You really don't need to go anywhere else because it's all right there. I'm so happy I decided to take classes. It really helped me find what I'm supposed to be doing.  My passion is to create amazing creatures, amazing costumes and feel that sense of life and joy that comes only from creation.  I know I'd never have been able to reach where I am today and have all these amazing experiences, if it weren't for the skills and encouragement that I received here as a student."

Justine Losoya

Kosart Alumnus, Key Make-Up Artist:
Chicago FIRE, Electric Dreams, Lyric Opera of Chicago

"It's incredible to see someone of Anthony's caliber in the FX and art world so eager to share his knowledge with anyone willing to learn. He was gracious enough to teach all he knows about bald caps and guide us through the process as we practiced on each other. It lead to me landing a job at the Lyric Opera of Chicago for their closing season show 'The Passenger,' where we had the opportunity to apply bald caps to some of their opera singers for each performance. It was an amazing experience I would have never had if it weren't for Anthony. Bald Caps are a very useful skill to have for all types of character creation."

"I learned a great deal more useful techniques in this short amount of time than any semester-long make-up course I've taken."

Kosart Alumnus
Professional Toy Designer, Burger King Kids Meal Toys

Matt Mance

"I've been a huge fan of monsters, creatures, and concept art ever since high school so being able to learn at a studio like Kosart was an absolute privilege.  Anthony and team all did a fantastic job of instructing us through the detailed step by step process of concepting, sculpting and executing a final mask or maquette.  Although I rarely work in traditional sculpture, classes like these have greatly aided in strengthening my skill set as a working artist."

Kosart Alumnus, FACE OFF Season 9 Contestant
Head of Make-Up FX : Realm of Terror Haunted House

Stevie Calabrese

"My love for makeup began while working for haunted houses as an actor; it was there that I discovered that I love to create creatures just as much as I like being them! That is where my journey began and at home I tirelessly began to teach myself special effects. As time went on, it became clear that the most effective way for me to grow as an artist would be to take professional classes. However, with a full time job, I needed something that fit into my schedule and was still affordable - that is when I found Kosart classes. Despite my lack of experience, I found the classes to be fun, easy to follow and informative... I was immediately hooked. The classes were always fun and relaxing, and I was learning more in single weekends than I could ever teach myself. Within a short period of time I became the lead makeup artist at The Realm of Terror and thanks to the classes at Kosart - I had achieved my goal...

"I took my first class three years ago, and have since taken every class offered. I’ve not only grown as an artist, but as a person, and have gained more than I could have ever dreamed I would. The concept of being good enough to compete on Face Off didn’t even seem fathomable, I’m still often convinced that it was all just a dream. Dream or not, I know I have Anthony to thank for teaching me everything I know about special effects and pushing me to finally audition. What was once a weekend hobby has transformed into a full time career and even more, a lifelong passion."

Joshua Hoffine

World Renown Horror Photographer, Filmmaker
Frequent Kosart Client & Collaborator

"Anthony is a brilliant SPFX make-up artist.  He began as a gifted illustrator, and quickly proved to be equally adroit at character design, sculpture, and painting.  His technical skills are world class, and he has a true gift for character nuance and expression.  He is fun to spend time with and a fantastic teacher.  I've worked with Anthony on 7 major projects now, and he is my go-to collaborator on everything I do.  If you are excited by SPFX make-up there is nobody better to learn from than J. Anthony Kosar."

Matt Kapolczynski

Kosart Alumnus, Illustrator & Sculptor
Blick Art Materials Sales Manager

"I think it's really great that you guys offer these courses, and that Anthony is generous in sharing his knowledge.  Keep up the good work!"

Kosart Alumnus, Illustrator for Marvel & HBO
Educator at Reavis High School

Rich Kunz

"As a high school art educator and freelance artist for 15+ years, I have attended countless workshops, courses and seminars relating to a variety of art making techniques and processes. I can honestly say that I came away from my class at Kosart with more knowledge and a greater skill set than from some courses that I invested four times the amount of time and money. Anthony is an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate instructor.  It's THE place to be if you are prepared to explore your interest in the Special FX Industry."

Kosart Alumnus, Illustrator, Sculptor, Mask Maker
Associate Creative Director at Leo Burnett

Jeremy Ruiz

"The classes were an absolute blast, this is something I've always wanted to do. The lessons were very hands-on and easy to grasp, which made it really fun. I was blown away by the outcome and have been sculpting non-stop ever since."

Kosart Alumnus, Big Brother Season 12 Contestant
Make-Up FX Artist: Six Flags Great America Fright Fest

Matt Hoffman

"Anthony doesn't just demo a technique and then let you try it out.  Anthony explains WHY you use the techniques that you use, WHEN to use one technique over another, and HOW everything comes together to make a finished piece.  In Kosart's classes,  you don't just watch and learn, so that you can continue to refine the skills that you are taught once the classes are over.  It's awesome that every class is overflowing with practical application, and then on top of that, you also get to take home all of the materials and tools that you would need to do MORE work at home on your own."

Kosart Alumnus, Film Production Travel Coordinator:
Logan, Inferno, Jason Bourne, Divergent, Jack Reacher

Beverly Cole

"Having had zero experience in FX Makeup at all, I was terrified to take the class.  After the first day though, I was amazed at what I was able to do and how much I learned.  I was more excited to come back for each class and looked forward to learning more.   The more I went, the more my confidence with what I was doing grew.  By taking this classes, I had the courage to apply for a makeup job at a haunted house.  I got the position, and they were so impressed with what I could do that they asked me to come back next year.  Also, I was able to help a SPFX Makeup Artist on a movie set, and he was also impressed that I never seemed unsure with what he asked me to do and that I just did what he asked without hesitation.  Anthony, you were an amazing teacher, had such patience, and are extremely talented.  And Joe, you were so kind, such a hard worker, and seriously just amazing."

Kosart Alumnus
Illustrator, Sculptor, Airbrush Artist

Ron Jordan

"Anthony's classes are amazing! I can't wait to take the next one. I am a self taught sculptor and illustrator and I was looking for guidance to follow my dream of opening my own company. But I thought all classes were on the west coast and a million miles away. That is until I heard of Kosart classes. I was blown away when I learned he was in the Midwest and offered classes. I had a chance to meet with Anthony and check out the shop. Awesome studio and down to earth guy. I signed up for his Maquette Sculpting class to get things rolling. The class was amazing as I said. I took away a whole new level of understanding from concept to finished product. I then took the Art of Mask Making class. Again the class was amazing and brought my skills to a new level. I have created some very cool creatures and concepts based on Anthony's classes.  I have since opened my own company Brutal Grafx. Without a doubt... Anthony's classes played a huge roll in all aspects of my art career."

Kosart School Sponsor
President of The Monster Makers

Arnold Goldman

"If you are in the Chicagoland area don't miss your opportunity to learn from one of the best artists around.  J. Anthony Kosar is the real deal. And so are his classes. Monster Makers offers our highest endorsement and recommendation for these seminars! You can enroll in a high priced fx program, or you can learn from the best instructor around and not go into debt in the process!"

Kosart Alumnus, Stop-Motion Character Fabricator:
Coraline, Paranorman, Hell and Back, & Tumble Leaf

Liz Allen

"I was so excited to hear about this class that I made a trek all the way from Los Angeles! It was totally worth the trip. I have never taken a make-up class before, let alone one using silicone techniques. I learned so much in just 2 days of the class. Anthony was so cool and a great teacher. He was really good at focusing in on each student and guiding us along.  I was amazed by what I had accomplished by the end of the session, a full zombie make-up! Having someone at Anthony's level and talent working with you is rare and a privilege. I look forward to taking more classes and would definitely recommend that anyone interested in special effects make-up take a class at Kosart."

Kosart Alumnus, Director of Digital Toy Design:
McDonald's Happy Meal toys, Activision Skylanders

Mo Flint

"Taking the Mask Making classes with Anthony at Kosart was a great experience. He's got something to offer every artist, whether they're an experienced professional, or just getting started. Not only is Anthony a talented instructor who can help bring out your best work, but his classes are filled with other students who inspire and encourage you along the way. It's like a small community of like-minded artists all working to improve our skills. I've recommended Kosart classes to all of the sculptors I work with."

Kosart Alumnus
Art Educator at Reavis High School

Julie Jooste

"Everything about the classes at Kosart Studios is amazing! Anthony is a talented and passionate artist and a wonderful teacher! As an art teacher myself, I strongly recommend Kosart courses to high school/college students and teachers (and everyone else who wants to learn a lot and have a great time while creating)!  As a more “classically” trained artist, I had little to no experience with mask making or character creation and these classes got me out of my artistic comfort zone in such a great way! Everyone who works at Kosart Studios is wonderful and one could not ask for a better environment in which to create art!

Michael Palmara

Kosart Alumnus
Special FX Enthusiast & Hobbyist

"This is the best place to learn Hollywood- style make-up special FX and mask-making without having to leave the Midwest."

Kosart Alumnus
Professional Toy Designer: McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

Brian Baity

"This would not have been possible without the help of Kosart classes. For anyone out there that is thinking about taking Anthony's class, go ahead and DO IT! You will walk away with sooo much knowledge."

Vince Accardo

Kosart Alumnus
Special FX Enthusiast & Hobbyist

"Mask Making was Action Packed!"

Mitch Martos

Kosart Alumnus
Mold Maker & Fabricator

"Best classes I have ever taken!!"

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