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Kosart Studios and our Artists practice all the latest Health and Safety Guidelines both on set and in studio, to do our part to help stop and protect against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  


In 2020, Kosart worked Season 4 of FARGO, one fo the first productions back in operation in the industry and the first production to return to Chicago since the initial industry-wide shutdown due to COVID-19.  In Mid-March 2020, with only weeks left to shoot, FARGO Season 4 halted production and returned months later in Late-August through Mid-September 2020 to successfully complete the production, practicing complete safety precautions. J. Anthony Kosar, the season's Special FX Make-Up Department Head and Make-Up FX Designer returned to FARGO with his team to finish their work on the production.  During these weeks, Kosar and his Key Make-Up FX Artist Anna Cali led 3 MUFX units and 7 SPFX Make-Up Artists in trailer, on set, and on location, along with his crew at his studio, to successfully and safely complete the season without any of our artists contracting or spreading COVID-19.  Kosar and his team experienced first hand the "New Normal" on set during this terrible pandemic, and practiced the most extreme safety and sanitization procedures to work alongside the rest of the crew while working directly with the actors to do their part to keep the talent, his fellow film crew members, and his MUFX crew safe.

Since then, and as the Pandemic continues, Kosart Studios has gone on to work on multiple Film and Television productions, following the latest Health and Safety Guidelines set forth by the Productions and the CDC.

Even long before COVID-19, Kosart Studios has held a high standard for hygiene, sanitization, and sterilization, and has always demonstrated health and safety with all our materials and practices both on set and in shop.  This is a standard that we not only practice in the professional world, but have also taught within our classes and workshops that we teach.  

Kosart Studios will continue to monitor and keep up-to-date with all Health and Safety Guidelines.  Please review our certificates of completion for COVID-19 Prevention and Sanitization Training.

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