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Traditional 2D:

Focus on Concept Art, Illustration, & Fine Art

Graphite, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Pastel, Chalk, Conté, Marker, Pen & Ink, etc.

Gouache, Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil, Ink, Airbrush, etc.

Traditional 3D:

Focus on Characters / Creatures, Special FX, Props, & Fine Art

Water-Based, Oil-Based, Epoxy, & Polymer Clays; Dental Acrylic; Foam Carving; Vacu-forming; Wax; Welding; etc.

Mold Fabrication:
Stone, Latex, Alginate, Silicone, Polyester & Epoxy Fiberglass;  Face, Head, Teeth, Limb, Full Body Life-casts; Head Wraps; Splash Molds, 2-Part Molds, Matrix Molds, etc.

Slip & Foam Latex, Silicone, Encapsulated Silicone, Gelatin, Thickened Pros-Aide, Resin, Dental Acrylic, Cold-Cast Metal, Stone, Expanding Urethane Foams, Fiberglass, Clay, Wax, etc.

Make-Up & MUFX:

Focus on Character, Creature,

Trauma, & Age Make-Up FX

2D Make-Up:
Alcohol Activated Make-Up, Creme Foundations, Hydocolor Cake Make-Up, Airbrush Make-Up, PAX Paint, Rubber Mask Grease Paint, Silicone Based Make-Up, Face Painting, Body Painting, Tattoos, Temporary Tattoo Transfers, Tattoo Cover-up, Tattoo Alteration, Beauty, Male Coverage, etc.

3D Make-Up:
Foam-Latex Prosthetics, Encapsulated Silicone Prosthetics, Pros-Aide Transfers, Gelatin Build-Up, Gelatin Prosthetics, Foaming Gelatin Prosthetics, On-Skin Silicone, Wax, Liquid Latex, All Out-Of-The-Kit Techniques, Dental Appliances, Beard / Hair Laying, Custom Ventilated Lace Hair Pieces, Bald Caps, Latex Masks, Foam-Latex Pull-Over Masks, Silicone Pull-Overs, Creature Suits, etc.

Digital Media:

Focus on Concept Art, Illustration,

& Graphic Design, and Fabrication

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, & After Effects; Zbrush; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, & Excel; Pages; 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

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