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a POP-UP 5-Day Masterclass (30 Hours) - Monday June 3 to Friday June 7, 2019

Learn Complete Airbrush FX Painting Techniques for Prosthetics, Masks, Make-Ups, Sculptures, Props, Model Kits, Art, & Costumes for Film, TV, Theater, Cosplay, & Haunt from the Professional FX Artists of Kosart Studios.


Discover ALL these airbrush FX techniques by painting three masks: a 'Grunt' Creature mask, an 'Undead Fred' Zombie mask, and a 'Huebert' Alien mask, all designed and sculpted by J. Anthony Kosar.  Learn these complex painting techniques using a professional grade airbrush, the Kosart PHANTOM Pro.  The master techniques taught in this Complete Airbrush FX masterclass are the techniques used for painting any mask, prop, sculpture, character prosthetic, or creature suit.  This Complete Airbrush FX Masterclass will be in 3 parts...

PART 1 - CREATURE Painting Approach:

Real skin and flesh-tone is not just one color, but in fact, many layers of translucent colors.  When simulating skin on something opaque like a foam-latex prosthetic, a resin statue, or a latex mask as in this masterclass, the artist must know how to add life and translucency to make a mask, sculpture, prop, or prosthetic make-up look real.  It is through the use of sophisticated airbrushed layers on an opaque base that gives the appearance of depth of color.  Subtle veining, spattering, and blemishes enhance the overall natural look of skin and the use of staining adds realism to horns and teeth.  Highlight and shadow make certain features pop, while pushing others back, creating a composition within a face.  The finishing touch are eyes that are brilliant, life-like, and glistening. 

PART 2 - ZOMBIE Painting Approach:

Just as with living tissue, the dead skin and rotting flesh of a zombie is also composed of even more intricate layers of color.  However, creatures with scales, rough skin, wood grain or elemental skin, sculpted fur or feathers, and in this case, the decomposing flesh of a withered zombie require a different approach when painting to also enhance the depth of these textures. Spattering, mottling, and stronger veining simulate the necrosis that occurs beneath the skin's surface.  Decaying teeth protruding from receding gums and exposed bone from shriveling skin create a grisly nightmare from beyond the grave.  The finishing touch are glazed-over, dead eyes, that make your zombie come to life. 

PART 3 - ALIEN Painting Approach:

Now "boldly go where no one has gone before." From the creatures living in the depths of our uncharted oceans to the species yet to be discovered in the vast rain forests of our own world; from life-forms in the outer reaches of space and other dimensions to the fantastical beings lurking in our own imaginations, learn to paint the skin of aliens and other 'other-worldly' creatures.  Bravely create skin tones of the most intricate layers of brilliant color.  Gain confidence in your airbrushing skills to paint bold skin patterns without the use of stencils.  Paint luminous extra-terrestrial eyes that have traveled through space and time. Finish your alien with an iridescent sheen and a glaze that shimmers like the stars of the galaxy.


This 5-day masterclass will consist of demonstrations and HANDS-ON learning of techniques not taught anywhere else in the Midwest.


Certificate given upon completion.  All materials included, including a professional Airbrush FX kit with a Kosart PHANTOM Pro Airbrush for you to keep.  Be prepared to take notes. 



*Early Bird Pricing: $1,600

Sign up by 5/3 and Save $200!

After 5/3, registration goes to original price of $1,800.  Enroll early to ensure your spot at discounted price.

REG $1,800*

All Materials Included

Including a Professional MUFX Kit
for you to keep valued at $800

What You Will Learn:

​FUNDAMENTIALS of Airbrush Painting:

• Understanding the Airbrush from the Inside Out

​• Airbrush Fundamentals, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

​• Eye-to-Hand Coordination & Practice
• Learn These 3 Different Approaches of Painting . . .

Part 1 - CREATURE Painting Approach:

​• Hyperrealistic Flesh & Skin Tones Painting Simulation

​• Understanding Depth of Color for Life & Translucency

• Subtle Spattering, Mottling, & Veining Techniques
• Simple Airbrush Layering Effects
• Subtle Bone, Horn, & Teeth Staining Techniques
• Hyperrealistic Human Eye Painting Techniques

Part 2 - ZOMBIE Painting Approach:

• Dead & Decomposing Flesh Painting

• Rough Texture Painting Techniques
• Surface Staining & Dry-Brush Effects 
• Heavy Tooth & Bone Staining Techniques

• Advanced Spattering & Veining Techniques
• Milky-Cataract Dead-Eye Painting Techniques

Part 3 - ALIEN Painting Approach:

• Bold Fantastical Patterning without Stencils

• Understanding & Use of Extreme Color

• Advanced Airbrush Laying Effects

• Advanced Mottling & Veining Techniques 
• Creative Alien Eye Painting Techniques

• Creating an Iridescent Skin Tone

5 Days (30 Hours) of Training



Not only do you get these professional grade, industry standard products to build your airbrush FX kit with, you get the knowledge of how to use your airbrush kit effectively. We build you an extensive special airbrush FX kit, composed of products used by Pro SPFX Artist J. Anthony Kosar and his MUFX team both on set and in studio.

Click Image to Enlarge

(Materials subject to change. Additional Class Use Materials & Expendables Not Pictured)

NOTE: Latex and Latex products will be used in this class.


Enroll by Friday May 17, 2019

No enrollments accepted after deadline.

Payment Plans & Enrollment Info & Additional Payment Options HERE


Monday June 3 through

Friday June 7, 2019
​10am-5pm, with 1 hour lunch

Enroll by Friday May 17

No enrollments accepted after deadline.


Kosart Studios

760 Burr Oak Drive

Westmont, IL 60559

Click HERE for Directions

Students will learn in a Professional Special FX Studio setting and will learn from the Midwest’s leading Special FX Artists.


No experience necessary, this class is for beginners, hobbyists, and

professionals alike.  We teach you what you need to know, from the beginning.


Class is open to all Adults, College Students, and High School students

16-years-old and older.  No students accepted under the age of 16.

This is a POP-UP workshop & may not be repeated due to Kosart Studio’s schedule.  

Payment plans are available. All class fees must be paid in full by first day of class.  Student's spot will be reserved only upon receipt of either full payment or deposit for payment plan.  Due to expensive tools and materials supplied by Kosart Studios to the students, class fees and deposits are non-refundable.


Enroll by 5/3 to take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing and save $200 on enrollment.  After 5/3, registration goes to original price of $1,800.  Enroll early to ensure your spot at discounted price.

Additional Enrollment Info HERE




Class Inquiries:

For any questions regarding our Classes and Workshops, please fill out this questionnaire or email us at

Please do not email the studio email address at bottom of page. 

Thank you for your interest in learning with Kosart! Your message sent.

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