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JOIN THE KOSART TEAM! Kosart Studios is always looking for talented artists to work with in all the disciplines of art and special FX, as well as office personel. Depending on the scale, scope, and duration of our current and upcoming projects is what determines the scale and duration of the team we need at any given time. Full-time and temporary positions available. Please send your resumes and portfolios to to be considered. Thank you.

Professional Artists:

  • Sculptors

  • Painters

  • Lab Technicians & Mold Makers

  • Foam Latex & Encapsulated Silicone Prosthetic Runners

  • Foam Latex & Silicone Patchers & Seamers

  • Fabricators

  • Model Makers & Prototypers

  • Prop Builders

  • Scenic Artists

  • Make-Up FX Artists & Prosthetic Applicators

  • Special FX Technicians

  • Hair Technicians / Wig Makers / Hair Punching & Ventilating

  • Concept Artists & Character / Creature Designers

  • Digital Sculptors

  • 3D Printing Technicians

  • Animatronic Artists & Mechanics

  • Puppet Makers & Puppeteers

  • Costume Makers

  • Dental Technicians

Office Personel:

  • Office Managers

  • Office Assistants

INTERNSHIPS: Due to the fast paced scale of our projects, Kosart Studios rarely offers internships. However, we do occasionally take on interns from time to time depending on the scale and scope of our projects.  Please send your resumes and portfolios to to be considered for an internship should one be available. Thank you.

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