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Kosart Studios is a full-service Special FX Make-Up, Prop, Sculpture, & Entertainment Arts Studio, that was created by Emmy® Nominated artist J. Anthony Kosar, and composed of his talented team of artists.

Kosart Studios has worked across the continent, from NY to LA and from Canada to Mexico, creating the highest quality, custom make-up FX for film, television, web media, photography, advertising, theater, and the haunt industry. We specialize in all forms of make-up FX, including hyper-realistic age, character, believable likenesses, true-to-life trauma, as well as creative fantasy, sci-fi, and horror creature FX. Kosart also produces award-winning illustration, concept art, sculpture, product development, and graphic design.

Kosart Studios has the capability to work on projects large or small, both in shop and on set. With over 22 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry, and many decades of combined experience, Kosart is your one-stop-shop, not only in Chicago, but in the entire United States!

Some of our credits:

Kosart Studios is based in Chicago, and available to work anywhere.

Please contact us for information HERE

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