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  • Kosart™ PHANTOM Pro Airbrush is designed custom by Award-Winning Artist J. Anthony Kosar for all forms of Art and FX, and everything in between, blending the highest quality functionality with a sleek and classy design unlike any other, and is made in the USA. The Kosart PHANTOM Pro has the ability to spray fluids requiring gravity feed doing fine detail and shading work. The Double Action, Internal Mix feature permits flexibility in regulation of color and air without work stoppage. It has a custom designed handle stop for better trigger control, and also an atomization control valve so you can dial in you PSI without ever going to your compressor. The newly designed sloped trigger improves comfort and grip. It comes installed with Kosar’s preferred head size .38mm and needle, and is compatible with the smallest .2mm head which is paired with a hand polished hardened stainless steel needle all the way up to the large fan spray. Compressor not included. Recommended use with Paasche Air Compressors, however the PHANTOM Pro is compatible with all compressors (may need an adapter for specific compressors).


Airbrush Specifications:

  • Dual Action
  • Internal Mix
  • Installed Head Size .38mm
  • .4 Ounce Gravity Cup
  • Atomization Control Valve
  • Hair Line to 1-1/2 Inches
  • Sleek Handle with Adjustable Needle Stop
  • New Sloped, Grooved Trigger and Piston Style
  • Black Chrome Finish with Chrome & Red Accents
  • PTFE Needle Packing


For All Applications:

  • Fine Art
  • Illustration
  • Special Make-Up Effects
  • Haunt Industry
  • Face & Body Painting
  • Beauty & Fashion Make-Up
  • Taxidermy
  • Cars & Automotive
  • Choppers & Motorcycles
  • Anything You Can Imagine


Deluxe Kit ($255) Includes:

  • Tip Wrench and Allen Wrench
  • Kosart Black Air Hose
  • Head Size .2mm, Tip, Needle, Aircap
  • Head Size .25mm, Tip, Needle, Aircap
  • Head Size .38mm, Tip, Needle, Aircap
  • Head Size .66mm, Tip, Needle, Aircap
  • Fan Aircap Head Size .66mm
  • Kosart Mask & Shield 1” Button Pin
  • Black Aluminum Case

Kosart Phantom Pro Airbrush - Deluxe Kit



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